Intermediate Grants

Intermediate Grants – Future

The legacy which supported our Intermediate Grants Programmes is now almost fully spent and the trustees have therefore decided not to invite further applications for intermediate grants from 2021 onwards.  However, where we are particularly impressed by an application for a Responsive Grant we may in some cases consider awards up £1,500 or even £2,000.  We feel this is easier for applicants than a separate application process for intermediate grants.

Intermediate Grants Programme from Prior Years

2020 Programme – 20:20 Vision

For 2020, a similar approach was taken to 2018, where each trustee nominated a specific recipient, though in each case within the overall theme of 20:20 vision (not necessarily in the field of sight loss, but a charity doing visionary work in 2020). Three grants of £2,000 were awarded to:

  • Visibility Scotland;
  • Anti-Slavery International; and to
  • VisionAid Overseas.

2019 Programme – Food Poverty in Scotland

For 2019 we awarded a single intermediate grant of £6,000 to a charity working on food poverty issues in Scotland. We focused on the immediate area where Paristamen is based – East Lothian – and the following extensive discussions and a detailed application, the grant was awarded to East Lothian Foodbank.

2018 Programme – Trustee-nominated one-off grants

In 2018, rather than inviting open bids for intermediate grants, it was decided that each trustee would identify one charity to recommend to the other trustees to receive a £2,000 grant.  Three grants of £2,000 were awarded to:

  • The Welcoming (a Scottish charity supporting refugees/asylum seekers);
  • The Peaseholme Charity, York (work with homeless people); and to
  • Medical Aid for Palestinians (for medical assistance to those in Gaza).

2017 Programme – Supporting Individuals and Families with Personal Financial Management in Yorkshire or Scotland

For our 2017 intemediate grants we are offering two grants of £3,000 each to charities involved in the support of individuals or families on issues of personal financial management.  We hoped to award one grant primarily for work with individuals or families in Yorkshire and the other primarily for work in Scotland.  However, fewer applications than expected were received by the original deadline (Sept 2017) and the deadline has now been extended to 31 January 2018 with grants to be awarded in March 2018.

2016 Programme – Community Toilet Provision

For our 2016 intermediate grants programme, the Paristamen CIO invited bids for the provision of toilet facilities in places of worship and community buildings in the Yorkshire region with no toilet provision at present.

We received 26 applications under the programme (all from churches as it happened). Three grants of £3000 each were awarded in September 2016 – in all three cases the churches concerned needed further consents to go ahead with a toilet installation, and the grants were conditional on the permissions being received by March 2017.

However, all three the initial grantees hit problems and for various reasons none of them took up their grants. We then considered applications from the original 26 and invited re-applications from three of the original applicants which had been scored next highest.  This resulted in two further grant awards of £3000 in June 2017 to other churches looking to install toilets. One of these grants was paid over – in Oct 2017 to Hawes Parish Church in Wensleydale – towards toilets in a major development of this church in a key town location serving a large rural area.    However, the other replacement award (to a rural church in East Yorkshire) was subsequently declined in May 2018 as they were unable to proceed on the timescale anticipated – even with a considerable extension from the initial timescale.

This means that out of 26 initial bids, only one was actually successful!  Our conclusion is that whilst many churches could see the benefits of installing a toilet to allowing them to serve the community more effectively, many underestimated what was involved.  Some faced demands from Diocesan Advisory Committees in the Church of England to undertake works that were much more expensive than they initially envisaged and decided in the circumstances to continue with no toilet.  Others decided that when it came to seeking donations for the balance of the costs (beyond our grant) that roof repairs or similar issues were higher priorities than toilet provision.  Others found it difficult to maintain commitment to a toilet project if the church was anticipating a change of minister.

2015 Programme – Music Therapy

For 2015, the theme for intermediate grants from the Paristamen CIO was The Use of Music in Therapy or in Addressing Social Disadvantage.   A wide range of buds were received and three grants of £2,000 each were awarded in September 2015 to the charities:

  • Music in Hospitals
  • Jessie’s Fund
  • The Music Therapy Charity.

About the intermediate grants programme

As a result of the legacy which The Paristamen CIO received in 2014, the trustees were pleased from spring 2015 to announce a new annual programme of Intermediate Grants.  Each year we will announce a specific theme for our intermediate grants, and we will expect to make two or three separate one-off grants of £2000-£3000 each within that theme. In general we expect to announced a new intermediate programme around May each year with a deadline in August to submit bids.



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