How to Apply

New applications will normally be for the Responsive Programme.

However, at times when an invitation for bids is open for the Intermediate Grants Programme or Large Grants Programme, charities working in those specific fields may apply.   Please consult the page for the relevant programme carefully before applying to ensure your charity meets the criteria and timescales.

Applications to the Responsive Programme

We do not have an application form – just send us:

  1. a short letter explaining what your organisation does and how a grant from us might help – see the link for more details; and
  2. enclose your charity’s latest Annual Report and Accounts (full version – see our page on submitting your accounts).
  • If it is a new organisation with no accounts as yet, please send a copy of your constitution or other governing document.
  • If your charitable status is not obvious (generally because you are based in England/Wales and are not a registered charity) please make your status clear – e.g. “we are an excepted charity recognised by HMRC” or “we are established with charitable aims but our income is currently below the level for charity registration”.)
  • If you are a local branch or project of a larger charity, remember we are interested in the status and accounts for the whole charity – not just your group or project.

Please remember that as our Responsive Grants are normally unrestricted our main interest is in your organisation as a whole rather than the details of a specific project.

All applications (apart from obvious circulars) are acknowledged – either with an immediate rejection if outside our criteria, or with an indication that the application will be considered at the next Trustees’ meeting.

Although we do not acknowledge circular appeals, we are very happy to receive them and will consider them at the next trustees meeting if they are within our criteria: we do not wish to force those seeking funds into preparing detailed individual applications for the small levels of grants that we can provide.

We are currently happy to accept applications by post or email:

  • If applying by email, please send to and attach two PDFs: (a) a grant application letter and (b) a copy of your latest annual report and accounts.  The letter should preferably be on your charity’s normal letterhead, but if you do not have an electronic letterhead please ensure the letter includes all information that would normally appear on your letterhead.  PDFs should be formatted for A4 paper.
  • If applying by post, please to: Mrs Sharon Morgan (Trustee), The Paristamen CIO,10 Kings Court, Dunbar  EH42 1ZG enclosing (a) your grant application letter and (b) a copy of your latest annual report and accounts. Please be sure to affix the correct postage when sending applications, especially if you are enclosing documents such as accounts.  If we get notice of items for Paristamen which are under-stamped, we do not pay the excess postage so your application will never reach us!

If you have a query you are welcome to call (01368 864582) or e-mail ( – but please make clear whether a message is a general query or an actual application.


Trustees meetings are normally held three times a year towards the end of June, October, and February, with decisions normally confirmed by 21st of the following month (July, November, or March).  For responsive grants, if your application is complete in all respects, including your Annual Report and Accounts, we can normally accept applications up to 1 June, 1 October or 1 February.  (For intermediate grants and large grants please see details of the programme for deadlines and timesales.)  However, it is worth applying earlier if possible, to allow enough time for a preliminary consideration of your application so we can get back to you if we need further information.