Planned Grant Making

A proportion of our funds are committed to our Planned Grant-Making programme – through this we make contributions to national charities which the trustees have decided, as a matter of policy, to support on a long term basis.  From 2015 we will be supporting 10 charities under this programme with grants of £500 each (although previously the normal amount was £300).

This list is reviewed each year at the February trustees meeting, and new organisations may be added – but only on the basis of trustees’ personal recommendations. It follows, that any new applications need to be made to the Responsive Programme.

Examples of recent planned grants:

  • £300 to Amnesty International Charitable Trust
  • £300 to British Youth for Christ
  • £300 to MIND (national mental health charity)
  • £300 to Missio (Pontifical Mission Societies)
  • £300 to Oxfam
  • £300 to TEAR Fund

We will be expanding this list to around 10 organisations from 2015.

(Please note that even with organisations in this programme which we support regularly, the amounts can vary from year to year depending on funds available at the time.)