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2019 Large Grants Programme – A specialist medical condition

For the 2019 large grant, the trustees have agreed to offer £20,000 grant to a charity focused on a specialist medical condition that currently receives little funding.  After discussions in principle and a detailed application, the grant has been awarded to the charity Hoarding UK which provides specialist help to those affected by hoarding disorder and professionals dealing with those affected.  Our grant comprises a £5,000 unrestricted grant to support building the capacity of Hoarding UK as a charity and a £15,000 project grant (payable in instalments) to support expansion and development of the Hoarding UK’s helpline and advocacy services.

Large Grants Programme from Prior Years

2018: Community Cohesion in Yorkshire in the lead-up to Brexit

In January 2018 Paristamen invited bids for a single grant of £20,000 to a charity able to lead a significant project under the umbrella heading of Community Cohesion in Yorkshire in the lead-up to Brexit. We said that the project should be delivered in the year 2018/19, leading to a high profile conclusion on or shortly before 29 March 2019 when the UK was expected to leave the European Union under the Article 50 process.

We received a number of bids, and following careful evaluation and further discussions the grant was awarded (in three instalments) to the Bradford-based charity Artworks Creative Communities (ACC) for a project to make a documentary film including interviews and discussions across the Yorkshire region, seeking to bring together those on different sides of the debates around Brexit in sessions described as “Brexit cafes”.  The project, entitled EU Bah Gum! has its own website: it used volunteers teams to undertake the filming, under the supervision of Camershy CIC.  The film was officially launched at an event in Bradford on 21 March 2019 and received coverage on BBC television and a wide range of media.

The film EU Bah Gum! – Yorkshire voices on Brexit is now available via Youtube (50 mins) for anyone to view: we believe it will be a very useful resource to anyone looking to develop dialogue and reconciliation around views on Brexit and its impact.  A final report on the project was received from ACC at the end of March 2019.

2017: Conflict Resolution and the Refugee Crisis: Paristamen awards £20,000 grant to CAFOD for work in South Sudan

For our 2017 large grants programme we invited bids for a single grant of £20,000 for a project in the field of Conflict Resolution and the Refugee Crisis.  We indicated that the trustees were looking to support a charity with a strong track record of international work in a country or countries experiencing major conflicts, where the impact of that conflict is so serious that significant numbers are forced to flee as refugees.

Ten applications were received: in terms of the regions, one application was for work in Yemen, one in Iraq, two in Syria, two in Lebanon (working with Syrian refugees), one in Northern Uganda, one in DRC, one in Palestine,and one in South Sudan (as awarded).  These were carefully reviewed by all three trustees.  In March 2017 the trustees announced that the grant had been awarded to CAFOD for a short term project working with refugees (especially girls and women) in South Sudan.

A final report on the project was received from CAFOD in November 2017.  The trustees also sought further explanations from CAFOD on the finances of the project once it was concluded.

2016: Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying

The trustees were delighted to confirm in June 2016 that, following an open invitation to submit bids, the Paristamen CIO made its first ever “large grant” offer for £20,000 – four times larger than any previous grant.  The award was  to Cardiff University to lead a project on Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying.   A further grant of £2,500 was subsequently made to the same project for the launch of an online resource.

The project is providing opportunities for Christians from a wide range of backgrounds and different churches to explore issues around death and dying, following the requirements stated in our invitation to bid (see link below).  The project is XnDyingLogo led by Prof Jenny Kitzinger (Professor of Communications Research) at Cardiff University together with Julie Latchem MSc, BSc, MCSP as Project Co-ordinator.

Six conferences took place around various locations in England and Wales during 2016/17 and the online resource was launched at an event in London in October 2017.  This provides a wide range of tools and resources (audio, video, slides, guidance, reports) to enable others to organise conferences and workshops that will enable Christian groups to engage with ethical debates around death and dying.  The final report of the project (PDF 2.3MB, 9 pages) is also available here – but those interested are recommend to access the full resource site.

Background: We invited bids for a £20,000 grant from charities with relevant expertise on death and dying issues to launch a significant new project to promote debate by churches and individual Christians on these issues – including the key legal and ethical issues.  For the invitation to bid (now closed) please click here (PDF 5 pages).

Note: Although this award was made to a university, and may enable the team to produce research outputs in due course, our grant is not specifically a research grant – rather the focus is to support Christian activities and events for reflection and discussion on death and dying issues and the development of related resources.

About the large grants programme

Each year we will announce a theme or project area for our large grants, and we would expect to make a single grant of £20,000 within a very specific field.  Details will appear on this page regarding each programme – in general the invitation to bid will be published in the autumn, and the deadline for bids will be late January.



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