The Paristamen CIO

The Paristamen CIO is a small grantmaking charity.   (The charity was  founded in 1985 as The Paristamen Foundation, and converted to become a charitable incorporated organisation, The Paristamen CIO, in 2014.)

Our operational base is in Dunbar, Scotland.  We make grants to charities across the UK, but in terms of grants to local charities our focus is specifically in Scotland.

Registered charity in England and Wales no 1155665. Registered charity in Scotland no SC048961.

The name Paristamen comes from the Bible (New Testament Greek – Paristamen): it means “We stand beside”.  It comes from Romans 16:2 where St Paul asks the readers of his letter to stand beside Deacon Phoebe and (by implication) to provide her with financial support.  Although we are only a small grantmaking charity, we seek to stand beside a wide range of charitable organisations to support their work.

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For details of our charitable objects, trustees, annual reports and accounts, and affiliations to other bodies please see the charitable basis page.  For legal details see the contact us page.